Philosophy of Care

The Philosophy and Model of Midwifery Care

Haliburton & Bancroft Midwives


A midwife is a person who has completed a recognized midwifery educational program and has acquired the requisite qualifications to be registered and/or legally licensed to practice midwifery. The International Confederation of Midwives believes that a midwife offers care based on a philosophy, which influences the model of care. This model of midwifery care is outlined below (from

Statement of Belief

As midwives we believe that:

  1. Childbearing is a profound experience, which carries significant meaning to the woman, her family and the community.
  2. Birth is a normal physiological process.
  3. Midwives are appropriate care providers to attend women during pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period.
  4. Midwifery care empowers women to assume responsibility for their health and for the health of their families.
  5. Midwifery care takes place in partnership with women and is personalized, continuous and non-authoritarian.
  6. Midwifery care combines art and science. Midwifery care is holistic in nature, grounded in an understanding of the social, emotional, cultural, spiritual, psychological and physical experiences of women and based upon the best available evidence.
  7. Midwives have confidence and trust in, and respect for, women and their capabilities in childbirth.
  8. The woman is the primary decision maker in her care and she has the right to information that enhances her decision making abilities.

As a result:

  1. Midwifery care promotes, protects and supports women's reproductive rights and respects ethnic and cultural diversity.
  2. Midwifery practice promotes and advocates for non-intervention in normal childbirth.
  3. Midwifery practice builds women's self confidence in handling childbirth.
  4. Midwives use technology appropriately and effect referral in a timely manner when problems arise.
  5. Midwives offer anticipatory and flexible care.

Haliburton & Bancroft Midwives

A small team of midwives offering prenatal, birth and postpartum care for women and newborns with the option of home or hospital birth for low risk women.

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