Wishing it would last longer

In October of 2017 I walked through the doors of the Haliburton Midwives to find myself exactly where I needed to be. There is nowhere else that you will find healthcare, friendship, and genuine, caring support all in the same place. I immediately knew why these women came so highly recommended by my OB.

Through early pregnancy, and a struggle with prenatal depression, right through to delivery day, I was surrounded by support. Any questions, concerns or tears were quickly cleared up by the knowledgeable and caring midwives.

I shared a unique and individual relationship with each midwife and receptionist, and could not think of a more warm and welcoming atmosphere to attend appointments throughout this incredible journey.

This is a time in our lives when often another woman is the only one who truly understands the challenges and triumphs we go through with our bodies, minds and spouses.

I often found that I was surrounded with negative comments by family and friends. About how uncomfortable pregnancy was, how horrible labour would be, and how hard looking after a baby is. I can tell you, as a first time mother of twins, that this is not accurate, I felt physically strong and healthy my entire pregnancy, and other than a short struggle with depression, found myself living my life as usual and enjoying all the activities I had before. Pregnancy does not mean you give up your life and hobbies. I snowshoed, skied, kayaked, blew snow, cut the grass and just about everything in between. And labour was a great experience, I told myself I would go with the flow and trust the people around me to make good choices. We shared lots of laughs throughout the day, and tears of joy when my two beautiful daughters arrived into this world.

Since their arrival, I have slept well, kept my home tidy, enjoyed hobbies, and all without the constant help that others told me I would need. Motherhood is truly a joy. I have no doubt that each woman that follows me through these doors would have a unique and positive experience here. As my last appointment with the midwives approaches, I find myself wishing it would all last just a little longer...

T.R.F. (2017)


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