Prenatal, birth and postpartum care for women and newborns

Informed Choice

Empowering women to become active decision-makers in their care

Continuity of Care

Personalized care from a small team of midwives

Choice of birthplace

Offering the options of home and hospital birth to low risk women


Midwifery services are completely funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, so you do not pay for care out-of-pocket. Those who are not currently covered by OHIP can still receive free midwifery care.


Prenatal appointments are available at the Haliburton midwifery clinic and the Bancroft office. Following delivery, frequent home visits are provided during the first ten days.


Midwives are experts in normal pregnancy, birth and newborn care. They must complete a recognized midwifery educational program and acquire the requisite qualifications to be registered and/or legally licensed to practice midwifery.

Important Information

Midwives continue to provide care to women in their communities and in hospital. While the visit schedule has changed and expanded to encompass phone and virtual visits, we continue to accept new clients at this time. Please follow our social media for updates.



Haliburton & Bancroft Midwives

Continuous Care and Support

Midwives are the only care providers in Haliburton and North Hastings counties who provide continuous care and support throughout pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. It's never too early or too late to contact us. You can also make an appointment just to talk with a midwife and explore your options. Find out more about midwifery care in your region by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions.

Meet the Midwives

It is our goal to provide low risk obstetrics to women in their own communities. We provide care to women and their babies living in a vast rural area and it is our vision to provide women with the opportunity to make safe and appropriate choices around birth and choice of birth place. Families living in these communities must travel great distances to access much of their health care and HBMW was established in part to provide care close to home for families that would otherwise be required to travel to access the same care.

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Haliburton & Bancroft Midwives

Annalee Winter

Registered Midwife

Haliburton & Bancroft Midwives

Vanessa Taylor

Registered Midwife

Haliburton & Bancroft Midwives

Laura Hunt

Registered Midwife

Haliburton & Bancroft Midwives

Hannah Torrens

Second Attendant

Haliburton & Bancroft Midwives

Elaine Mahler

Office Administrator


Ontario Midwives


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Haliburton & Bancroft Midwives

A registered midwife is a health care provider who is trained to provide care to both mother and newborn during normal pregnancy, labour, birth, and the first six weeks of your baby's life. When women and babies are healthy, midwives provide primary care similar to the care that a family doctor would provide, including ordering blood tests, ultrasounds, and other routine assessments. Midwives are skilled in providing emergency care, detecting complications, and providing care together with physicians and other specialists when consultations are needed.

Midwifery is a self-regulated profession, and registered midwives work under the oversight of the College of Midwives of Ontario, which sets core competencies and registration requirements that midwives must maintain. The role of the College of Midwives of Ontario is to ensure that midwives provide safe care to families.

The word "midwife" comes from roots that mean "with woman" and midwives themselves may be men or women, although most are women.

Midwives provide care with a focus on promoting normal labour and birth, and client-centered care. When you work with a midwife during your pregnancy, you have the option of giving birth in or out of hospital, you receive early postpartum care in your home, and you have access to on-call care and support when you need it. By caring for you in your home in the first few weeks of your baby's life, midwives can support you in getting more rest and adjusting to parenting. This model of care also allows midwives to support the breastfeeding relationship if you choose to breastfeed your child.

Midwifery care is structured so that you become familiar with the care providers who will be with you during labour by allowing for longer appointment times and keeping your midwifery team small. In labour, you will receive care from a midwife who you know and trust, as well as from a second midwife toward the end of labour who you may have met during pregnancy. We call this continuity of care. Longer appointment times, plus the trusting relationships that midwives often develop with our clients, mean that you get more time to learn about your options, allowing you to make truly informed choices.

We view pregnancy and birth as significant events in your life, and so your social, emotional, and cultural needs are accorded importance alongside your needs for physical care.

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Yes! Midwives can administer many pain medications, including nitrous oxide (gas) and narcotics, and your midwives will support you in any pain relief choices that you make. Nitrous oxide is available at the hospital and portable cylinders are available for women choosing home birth. If you choose to have an epidural in Peterborough Regional Hospital, the obstetrician on-call will be asked to join your circle of care and may catch your baby. But, your midwife will still attend your delivery, take care of your baby, and do postpartum care. As well, midwives are skilled and knowledgeable in many natural pain relief options, and will often suggest position changes, massage, breathing for relaxation, and hydrotherapy (taking a shower or a bath) to help manage your pain if you want to avoid using drugs.

Yes! Midwives are trained to provide safe care in hospital as well as in out-of-hospital settings. We are privileged at Peterborough Regional Health Centre and enjoy good working relations with the staff there. We want you to have your baby where you want to!

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Haliburton & Bancroft Midwives

Haliburton & Bancroft Midwives

A small team of midwives offering prenatal, birth and postpartum care for women and newborns with the option of home or hospital birth for low risk women.

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